Cookery Demonstrations

This year’s demonstrations were sponsored by Norfolk Farm Shop & Deli. We decided that we would have skilled cooks showing us things we could do ourselves.  We are grateful to Reepham WI for arranging these experts to come and show us special techniques to improve our cookery skills. Here’s what we enjoyed:

10 am          What’s Poppin’: Caramel Popcorn Demonstration
Mark Afford, What’s Poppin’ Corn

11 am          Maggie’s Magical Sugar Creations
Maggie Maxstead, Local Sugarcraft Specialist

Midday       Year Round Veg:  Preserving Farm Produce
Rosalind Bacon from Eves Hill Veg Co

1pm             Pasta Making:  Ravishing Ravioli
Local Amateur Chef, Philip Lowe

2pm             Pipe Dreams:  Gorgeous Cake Decorating
Vanessa Sinclair from Reepham Country Markets

3pm             Dial H for Hacks:  We Love Shellfish
Andrew Jones, Chef Patron of the Dial House

Thanks to all our demonstrators who entertained those of us who want to improve our skills gently. It was great to be able to gather round and see exactly what our experts were doing.